Muay Thai- A science of eight limbs

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing, popularly called ‘An art of eight limbs’ is the national sport and martial art of Thailand. The fight uses the whole physique and mental alertness of a person performing the art. There are a variety of techniques including footwork to be learned with concentration while training for Muay Thai to become an expert.

Physical fitness has always been an area of concern for both the genders. Females are always conscious for their figures and fitness. Self-defense is also advocated for women. Most women join Muay Thai training in Thailand for the purpose of weight loss and health while others want to be trained for self-defense. While training, some females develop fighting skills and decide to train themselves for professional Muay Thai Boxing.

Muay Thai Training Camps in Thailand

There are many camps with special facilities for women as safe and comfortable rooms with security cameras in the camp to safeguard women against any offense. These camps have trained coaches and separate weight and fitness sections with different fight parts available to train fighters for professional Muay Thai fighters and the ones who want to fight solely to entertain the audience. The camps are provided with superb restaurants to provide a healthy yet delicious diet to the trainers. Muay Thai training camps are situated in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Issan, Koh Phangan, Krabi, Samui, etc. providing excellent training methods to shape your skills and improve your techniques if you are already equipped with this art.

Muay Thai is a sport meant for both sexes and women who have fighting spirits enter this area with the motive to become a professional fighter while others use it to train their physique. Whatever the goal, Muay Thai is going to make females tougher, shielding their natural cuteness behind a shroud to let them realize their hidden skills.

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