Incredible reasons to practice sport

Martial arts have always had the reputation of being disciplines by means of which their practitioners develop extraordinary physical qualities. Disciplines such as karate, judo, taekwondo, jiu jitsu and Muay Thai, contain elements of impact that offer their students opportunities to improve their reflexes, strengthen their bodies and become more agile athletes.

To put you in a situation, Muay Thai in Thailand is martial arts that use attacks of fists, elbows, knees and feet as the main means of defense. The attacks could be made of long, medium or close distance. In Muay Thai training there is also an element of the grip technique, named the clinch. Unlike the characteristic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grips, the clinch maneuvers characteristic of Muay Thai can be used to prepare knee and elbow attacks or to throw the opponent to the ground.
All these movements require people who practice it to possess a large number of physical qualities, and, therefore, the health benefits that accompany the practice of Muay Thai sport are numerous.

  1. Strengthening the trunk or core
    Generally, when a person refers to the core, he is referring to the abdominal muscles. This infuriates the professionals who work in the fitness industry. The core represents all the muscles located in the trunk, not just the abdominals. In Muay Thai, the rotating nature of the sport’s characteristic movements actually strengthens the core a lot. Receiving constant impacts on the body also helps in this regard. The attacks, defense movements and grips help to strengthen the core of the Muay Thai student.
  2. Increase in hip mobility
    It will not happen immediately, but over time the kicks and knee attacks characteristic of Muay Thai will promote better hip mobility. Having healthy hips can prevent severe pain and some serious medical conditions later in life. Remember, you must do practices and stretches to your daily exercise routines. The periodic massages will help a lot to make your hips feel great.

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