Top things to consider for women fighters

For very long time, women were not allowed into the world of Muay Thai for several reasons. Now in Thailand and all over the world, the time has changed so as the considerable factors connected the world of Muay Thai for a woman. Check the followings to know what a woman should know before considering Muay Thai as a medium to spice up her fighting skills.


Getting trained with boys:

On the ring, the fighting spirit never judges the gender, rather only the punches, kicks and throws matter. Don’t keep the notion of performing weak in front of strong male counterparts. The more you rub your shoulders with them in fight, better your moves will get against your female counter part in future out of the camp.

Loose the extra weight:

Getting the body in shape holds the paramount importance for Muay Thai training irrespective of your gender. Though boys can easily do that with restricted diet and more cardio exercise, girls face the misfortune of following the same schedule all the time due to their monthly periods. Therefore, it is often advised to find out what works out better for their health to lose weight on a trial and error basis.

Sleeping into the ring:

If you have survived the above two, now it is time to face the actual game. Playing inside a ring is totally different than training experience in a camp. The crowd gets excited for female fighters and it is even more challenging to face a more aggressive version of you as counterpart. The techniques to tackle female Muay fighters requires more exercise upon expressions than muscles.

Fight with Attentions:

Starting form a closed circle of relatives that you have to a widely spread social media outside, everyone will give much attention once you become an official women Muay fighter. You should understand well on how to climb the social media ladder to promote yourself without getting biased with positive complements. Now, your reputation in the game will be the inspiration for a lot of other women Muay Thai aspirers.

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