Get To Know About A Healthy Sport in Covid Time

The healthy sport that we are talking about in the region of Phuket Island the whole of Thailand is Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a very popular sport all over Thailand and the whole world as well. Muay Thai is the most popular sport all over Thailand is getting popular all over the world as well. You will get to see the Muay Thai training camp. All these camps are training thousands of people to become professional Muay Thai players.  This year has Covid virus, then healthy sport can help you.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai be quite similar to martial arts. Muay Thai is the famous sport of Thailand, and many people who visit Thailand go there for Muay Thai training as well a lot of training camos and programs are available with the help of which you can learn to play Muay Thai during your holiday in Thailand.

Even though Muay Thai is like martial arts, it is still a lot different. Muay Thai requires you to use all of your limbs as your weapons. You play against the other fighter with the help of these weapons. It is one of the most serious sports, and you will require much training to play against an opponent, and even more, training is required when you want to become a professional player.

Muay Thai as a sport

Muay Thai is quite popular in Thailand as a sport. Learning Muay Thai will help you in the act of self-defense as well, but mostly it is taught as a sport to the people. There are international Muay Thai championships that go on all around the world, and some of the most professional Muay Thai trainers and professional fighters take part in those championships. You get to see that a lot in Thailand as it’s the most common and popular sport in Thailand.

IFMA, which stands for the international federation of Muay Thai amateur, is the organization that holds these championships. This federation started in Thailand as well, and from there, it extended all over the world as Muay Thai became popular in all the regions of this world. Annual competitions and championships are held by this organization as well.

Why is Muay Thai a good sport?

Muay Thai is a good sport in so many ways. Most people are repulsed by the idea of aggression in the sport, but this should be known that everything that is done In Muay Thai as a sport is done within certain limits. There are very strict rules and regulations while playing a game.

Muay Thai has many health benefits as well as it keeps you fit. You can take part in other sports activities due to good health by Muay Thai as well. Muay Thai helps your bones and muscles to become stronger and allows them to grow as well.

Muay Thai also teaches us how to defend ourselves if any such situation arises. These benefits are all the reasons why people choose to learn Muay Thai on their visit to Phuket Island.


This was everything you needed to learn to know that Muay Thai is a good sport. Muay Thai has a very vast history as it has been in practice for hundreds of years.

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