The Deadliest Martial Art

Muay Thai also knows as Thai boxing is a martial art and the national sport of Thailand. It was developed around hundreds of years ago as close combat that can use the entire body as a weapon. It is somewhat similar to kickboxing, but it uses only punches and kicks. Muay Thai uses fist, feet, elbows, knees, and shins because of this it is known as “art of 8 limbs”. Though utilizing head is removed in modern competition, it is used in traditional combat.

Unlike many different martial arts, Muay Thai has lost none of its effectiveness. Muay Thai is surely a very powerful martial art because it uses the full body as a weapon and all competitors need to be at heights in terms of fitness. There are many camps available that provide training in Muay Thai.

Objectives of Muay Thai

Like most martial arts the objective of Muay Thai is to put two competitors against each other in a boxing ring. The goal is that one fighter has to win the contest by knocking out the other fighter. The fighters can use their fist, elbows, feet, knees, and shins to knockout their opponents, they can also use clinch and grapple technique occasionally.

Requirements of players and equipment

Under the rules of the World Muay Thai Council, the fighter must be over 15 years of age and have the weight of at least 100 pounds to compete in professional Muay Thai fight. All fighters are classified into weight division for a professional competition.

There must be no more difference than 5 pounds between the fighters who are competing with each other. The weight divisions are as follows:

  1. Super Heavyweight (209+ pounds)
  2. Heavyweight (209 pounds)
  3. Cruiserweight (190 pounds)
  4. Super Light Heavyweight
  5. Light Heavyweight (175 pounds)
  6. Super Middleweight (168 pounds)
  7. Middleweight (160 pounds)
  8. Junior Middleweight (154 pounds)
  9. Welterweight (147 pounds)
  10. Junior Welterweight (140 pounds)
  11. Lightweight (135 pounds)
  12. Junior Lightweight (130 pounds)
  13. Featherweight (126 pounds)
  14. Junior Featherweight (122 pounds)
  15. Bantamweight (118 pounds)
  16. Junior Bantamweight (115 pounds)
  17. Flyweight (112 pounds)
  18. Junior Flyweight (108 pounds)
  19. Mini Flyweight (105 pounds)

There are a few types of equipment essential for all competitors in Muay Thai. All fighters must wear gloves, shorts at half thigh length, groin guard, and mouth guard. In Muay Thai long hairs and beards are considered as discourage.

All fighters must wear a Mongkol which is a headband and charm on the upper arm. Fighters need to be barefooted while competing.

Winning a fight

Competing in Muay Thai requires very hard training and there is a saying “the more you sweat in training the less you bleed in combat”. Muay Thai fight can be won in one of the three ways listed below.

  1. Knockout–If a fighter knocks his opponent out, then he is declared as the winner right away.
  • Technical Knockout – In the technical knockout, the referee deems as one fighter is not fit to carry the fight.
  • Points – In this, the fighter who has more points will win the fight.

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