3 simple tips to build stronger metabolism

Muay Thai fighters maintain a lean body to gain an advantage inside the ring. However, maintaining a thin body is more difficult than attaining it. While most focus on exercising and curb dieting habits, it is directly proportional to metabolism. Metabolism is the chemical process of converting ingested food into energy. Boosting it may result in greater weight loss. And, with few simple habits, you can increase your metabolism thereby cutting unnecessary fats. Here are few such tips;

Sufficient water intake per day:

Studies have confirmed that water is a good conductor of toxic elements. It brings out the excess toxic deposits from the body through urine. Therefore, fighters are advised on a seven-day program before their main day. For four days, they consume 12 liters of water per day and half of that on the 5th day. On the 6th day, they maintain a completely dry state. The process helps them losing 5-7 lbs of body fat very easily. However, a regular habit of 6-7 litters of water intake is more profitable. In every sport, the coach advises on this often to the players.

Eat less but every three hours:

To make your metabolism fast, it is advisable to eat very frequently. Not heavy calorie meals but the reverse of that. Simply, the strategy is to consume three meals with two heavy snacks in between. A small power meal in every three hours works like a wonder. The orderly fashion is like this; breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner.

Choose organic foods over others:

Though they are costly but looking at their advantages, they are worth buying. Our immune system is often attacked by harmful antibiotics found in farmed collectibles. But, organic foods are free from those and act towards building stronger metabolism. Dieters with organic food as intake experience faster results.

You may never hear about these tips in your training camp, but your fitness expert will focus on the same for sure.

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